Belimo actuator NM24A-SR, 10Nm, 24V

Belimo actuator NM24A-SR, 10Nm, 24V

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Torque: 10 Nm
Damper actuator for operating air conditioning.

Damper actuator for operating air control dampers in ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings
• dampers up to about 2 m2
• torque 10 Nm
• Nominal voltage AC / DC 24 V
• Control: DC 0 ... 10 V
• Position feedback DC 2 ... 10 V
• runtime 150s, IP54.

The actuator is controlled by a standard control signal DC 0 ... 10 V and travels to the position defined by the control signal. Measuring voltage U serves for the electrical display of the damper position 0 ... 100% and as slave control signal for other actuators.

Simple direct mounting on the damper spindle with a universal bracket, protection against rotation with the enclosed fuse. Instead of insurance against turning the screws can not be used.

Manual operation is possible with the self-resetting pushbutton (the gearing for pressing or. Remains locked). Adjustable angle of rotation with mechanical end stops.

High operational reliability:
The actuator is overload-proof, requires no limit switches and automatically stops when the stop.

Electrical accessories:
• Auxiliary switch S..A .. T2 - S..A ..
• feedback potentiometer P..A .. T2 - P..A ..
• Position sensor SG..24 T2 - SG..24
• digital position indicator ZAD24 T2 - ZAD24

Mechanical accessories:
• Various accessories (clamps, shaft extensions etc.). T2 - Z-NM..A ..

The damper shaft diameter of 8 .. 26 mm.